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Admin homepage

The Intelligent Asset’s homepage has a map showing the locations of assets and areas. Assets and areas can be searched and filtered by their types. This video describes how to navigate the homepage.

1. You can view your assets and areas here. Here is an example:

You can search and filter for what you are looking for by using the search and filter:

You can also switch from assets to areas by clicking the dropdown. Input the rows you want to see within the rows field.

2. You can specify which of your entities appear by scrolling in and out of the map. Click these buttons on the top right of the page to do so:

3. Once done, click Search in Bounds on the top of the map.

4. Click the Controls icon to see other options. You can view the map in satellite mode, move to your specific location on the map, and view the page in full screen:

Satellite mode

Move to a specific location

Full screen

5. View your entities on the map. Specific icons mark them:

6. You can click on an entity to see its details:

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