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Admin normalizer data stream


Data easily streams into Intelligent Assets using MQTT. To add a new datastream that is properly formatted, connect it to the Intelligent Assets MQTT broker and publish it to the desired topics, sending properly formatted JSON structures.

Topics examples

Default normalizer topic: _monitor/asset/default/data

JSON payload examples

var assetDataObject =    

“id”: “refrigerator123”, //required; the asset’s unique ID to update
“type”: “Refrigerator”, //required; the asset type which is previously defined in the application with custom data attributes
“last_updated”: “<ISOString>”, //Optional ISO timestamp. If none is provided, we will apply one as we process the message
“latitude”: <valid_latitide>, //optional
“longitude”: <valid_longitude>, //optional
“custom_data”: { // nested objects not allowed, only primitive JS types: string, number, boolean, timestamp string allowed
“Temperature”: 38,
“Door Status”: false,
“Filter Status”: "Replace Soon"
“group_id”: “default” // required only the first time an asset reports in; assigns the asset to a group in the Intelligent Assets application

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