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Admin custom roles and permissions

This is the Intelligent Assets' Roles page:


Three default roles are present out of the box: Administrator, Editor, and Viewer. Each role contains a selection of permissions that anyone assigned the role will have. These permissions include actions you can take within the application, such as creating or editing assets, as well as access to certain parts of the user interface, such as certain tabs on the assets page.

You can add your custom roles. You can build them from scratch or use an existing role as a template and start with all its assigned permissions.


Here is an example of creating a new role using the Viewer’s permissions. You can add and remove permissions and alter the constraints associated with certain permissions. Constraints can finetune the permissions. For example, if you assign the permissions to your role, you can decide whether users who have it can retrieve all groups versus only retrieving groups of which they are members.


A few search and filter features in the edit modal can help you find particular permissions as you make your selections.


Once you have created your custom role, it will appear in the list along with the default roles.


You can assign your new role to users via the Users page by editing the user. If you don’t see your role in the list offered, ensure the user you are editing belongs to at least one of the groups your role belongs to. If you assign multiple roles to the user with conflicting permissions, your user will receive the most permissive abilities from the list.

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