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Admin asset types

An asset type categorizes assets based on their attributes. You can create asset types unique to your solutions by adding custom attributes.

Parent-child tree

Assets can have parent-child relationship trees to organize hierarchies of asset types.

Add asset type

1. Click Asset Types on the left menu:

2. Click the plus button on the top right of the page.

3. This is what appears:

Tooltips appear when you hover over certain fields, such as propagate location to root?

4. This is what the attributes section looks like:

5. This is what the controls section looks like:

6. When done filling out the information, click the create button at the bottom of the page.

Here is a creating asset types video.

Required values




The area type’s unique ID


The asset type’s name

Optional values




Please select one from our icon library or upload an image


The asset type’s description


Other related asset types can be added as children of this parent asset type

Default History View

There are different view settings for the asset type’s data history

Device Type

The device used for the assets with this type (e.g., NimbeLink)

Propagate location to root?

If checked, the location updates the asset and roots

Show location on root?

If checked, assets of this type display on maps

Store updates on root?

If checked, the updates for an asset of this type only update for the root asset and its history


Only the Name value is required.




The attribute’s name


The attribute’s displayed label

Data Type

The attribute appearance’s data type

Edit Widget

Sets up the widget type to edit an area’s attributes

View Widget

How Edit Widget appears

Keep History?

When checked, the history of changes is recorded as historical data under Areas in the Monitor tab

Hide Attribute?

When checked, it hides the attribute

Read Only Attribute?

When checked, the attribute cannot be edited by a user





The control’s ID

Widget Type

The attribute’s displayed label

Control Type

Fire and Forget is the default


The control’s label


The label’s display

View asset types

1. Click Asset Types in the left menu:

2. Search or filter the asset types you want to view.

3. Here is an asset type example:

4. You can edit, clone, or delete the asset type by selecting the respective icon on the top right of the page:

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